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We live in a world where so many people have become disenchanted with their lives and search for a deeper meaning. Many clients have shared with me that they feel "stuck" in their lives and long to experience and know real peace. Yet, they are lost in how to find it. Their religious experience has fallen short of its promise, or just doesn't seem to work.

As a Spiritual mentor, I help you along your spiritual journey to find peace through a set of thought tools that will last a lifetime. We are all unique and no two individuals will have the same experience while taking their journey. Mentoring is about helping you find your truth despite the world's distractions.

Learn how to let go of your past pains. Understand how even our negative experiences in life can help us evolve as souls. Learn how, through this awareness, you are able to forgive easily.

Learn to recognize and utilize your own intuitive abilities. Learn to harness your gifts to help yourself and others.

Step by step guidance to help you let go of any self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from fulfilling your desires.

"No matter what has happened to you in your past, or is happening now, it is possible to have peace" - Mimi


In the midst of the world's turmoil, people seek ways to heal themselves and others, often through forms of Spiritual healing.
Reiki is a common and popular form of healing and becoming a practitioner of Reiki allows an individual to become "attuned" to the Universal Source and begin to help others. Once an individual becomes "attuned", they are attuned for life.

We offer one-on-one classes for Reiki I, Reiki II and the Reiki Master levels.