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Mimi's childhood was very difficult. She was adopted at a young age and came here not speaking English. Her adoptive life was abusive and her life held little security or peace. In the years that followed, even thoughts of suicide entered her mind, but a voice deep within convinced her that this was no answer. No answer to her situation, no answer to the questions we all ask.

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going and how do I get there? Why is there so much pain and suffering? Why are people so mean and hateful?

The search for these answers and the desire to help heal those in need soon led to becoming a Nurse. Mimi embarked on a successful career and spent over 20 years in a variety of fields.

"I see so many people around me in pain or discord. I want to share what I've come to know: that we are all loved, so deeply loved. Once you come to know this, you can start living without fear. This knowledge is available to anyone who sincerely has the desire to know and understand the Truth. I simply and gently want to help you on our Journey in Spirit."